From: Mercedes Vila

Cellulite Specialist and Personal Trainer.
Author of « No More Cellulite System™ | The Natural Cure »

Dear Friend,

If you are reading this text, it is probably because you are within the 99% of women who feel ashamed of their cellulite problem... and so far you have not been able to fix it...

I know how you feel, because I also suffered the consequences of having that ugly cellulite.
Perhaps you can feel identified with some of the situations that I have lived...


…had problems with your couple because you did not want to get intimate with the light on, and in some cases, you would directly avoid sex?

…wore a lot of clothes to try to hide imperfections on your legs and buttocks?

…cancelled many fun invitations from your friends because you did not want to be seen in a bathing suit?

…spent many years vacationing in cold places, not having to wear little clothing, use the pool or go to the beach?

…spent hundreds or thousands of dollars on treatments and products that never paid off?

And many, many other situations where you felt very embarrassed, as I felt myself, and have managed to destroy your self-esteem...


But today I have great news for you.

Because if you feel identified with any of the situations we´ve just mentioned, what you are about to read in this website may be the most important thing you will ever read...

Cellulite is not a disease, but it is a very common and growing problem that affects more than 90% of women in the Western world, and that has much to do with modern environmental and hormonal factors. Contrary to what many may think, it is not a problem related to overweight, as so many women who are at a healthy weight also suffer from this condition.

There are several reasons why you may be suffering from cellulite.

The main cause may be a genetic factor inherited from your family. It also can be caused by a sedentary lifestyle, a poor diet or a disorder in your hormones that causes excessive production of estrogen.

But it is time to banish cellulite from your skin forever, and I will tell you how. You just have to pay a little attention for the next 3 minutes.

What you are about to read is very important and I´m sure you have not read it before because "they" do not want you to know it. When I say "they" I mean large corporations such as laboratories and multinational media...


productos que no funcionan


Do you have any idea how much money they make selling laboratory products and treatments to remove cellulite for desperate women? Treatments that you probably tried and you know very well that they do not work.

But you cannot blame yourself if you spent money on them, because cellulite is a terrible outbreak that is destroying your life and besides, these companies have the complicity of the media. Because the media also gets millions in profits with advertisements and promotions that are made for these products!

Large healthcare companies are not interested in you curing cellulite because that would end with their million dollar business, they just want to continue making money. That is why they offer products that can only (at best) give a temporary improvement, then you should continue to use other products, and so the money keeps entering their coffers.

Moreover, I will tell you something that may surprise you (I was surprised when a friend who is a nutritionist and studied with me told me)... The term "cellulite" is just that, a word, a word that was first used commercially to describe the appearance of "orange peel" that women often get in their thighs and buttocks.

The use of a word for the name of that condition simplified things "advertisingly" talking. At the same time, the term was filled with false content like cellulite being a mixture of fat, water and toxins.

The solutions these large multinational companies get tired of selling are placebos, they do not work, they simply improve the appearance of the skin, altering the blood flow in the affected area, but that does not last long.

Unfortunately, the control entities cannot do much about cosmetic industries, and often these companies use tactics designed solely to defraud women desperate for a solution. Sad... but true.


My name is Mercedes Vila, and a few years ago (when I was 20 years old), I discovered I was starting to have cellulite on my legs and buttocks, I could not believe it! I was a woman who performed much physical activity as I was doing my studies as a professional triainer and participated in professional volleyball teams. I never thought cellulite would be a problem for me. But unfortunately I was wrong, since it appeared, as it appears in most women.

Like any woman, I tried to improve my cellulite with creams, spending more hours in the gym, controlling my weight, getting massages, mesotherapy, etc. I tried every so called solution and none of them worked.

My partner could not understand how I was wasting (literally) hundreds and hundreds of dollars on products that were not giving me any results. My father understood me even less, as he was the one who paid for my war against cellulite at that time. I know you can understand why I did all this, and you know the way I felt at that time.

Men rarely have cellulite (there is a reason for it, and I will explain it later) so they just do not understand what we suffer. My boyfriend always told me I looked great, I cannot blame him for anything... But I did not want to look great! My desire was to look sexy and feel confident with any clothes I would like to wear. It is what we all want, right?

For two long years I tried everything, but in the absence of results, my increasing frustration and depression came over me, and as a last resort, I began to consider the possibility of having a plastic surgery. I attended a doctor's appointment but he couldn´t guarantee that cellulite would go away with the surgery. The lack of guarantee and the incredible amount of money they wanted to charge me made me take a minute and think about it, and I realized it was a crazy idea. Paying over $2000 dollars for each leg, for something that I did not even know if it would work!

As I couldn´t find any convincing answer to my problem, I decided to investigate by myself because I knew there had to be something that could eliminate cellulite from my body, and I was not going to rest until I found it.

My research took me years, and one of the first things I discovered and I want to share with you right now are the "Lies about Cellulite"...


My research showed me that many of the products that are sold are actually a complete and utter scam. Some of them only provide a temporary result, and others do not give any result at all.

You probably already know many of these products...

Anti-Cellulite Creams, Pills or Supplements

Massagers or Treatments With Rollers

Body Wraps

Anti-Cellulite Pants

Treatments With Coffee

And Many Others...


These treatments do not work. Ask any doctor and he will tell you that there is no cream, supplement, massage or any other product on the market that will get you rid of cellulite.

There are some treatments in spa centers that may have temporary results, but those are treatments that are worth hundreds of dollars, and you must repeat them very often in order to maintain results. These treatments must be repeated, because as soon as you stop using the product, cellulite returns to the same initial state.

Furthermore, surgeries are very expensive and risky. On the other hand they don´t even guarantee any results.


celulitis nunca mas


As my research continued, I also started the career of nutritionist and had meetings with amazing quality teachers, with whom I discussed my research to find a real treatment to eliminate cellulite.

In one of those meetings, Jorge Altamirano, a teacher that I will never forget, made me realize something revealing... that in reality, none of the hitherto existing treatments could permanently remove cellulite. Simply because that was not possible, because there is "nothing" to remove, no "toxins" to remove. Moreover, he told me that it was scientifically proven that "cellulite" fat was the same fat we have in the rest of our bodies, and that there is no kind of water storage involved, as we were led to believe.

Jorge continued his revealing storytelling and explained why the skin has the appearance of "orange peel" or cellulitis. He confirmed me that under the skin there are some connective tissue filaments that attach fat and muscle to the skin. Since fat is very soft, it cannot keep the skin as tight as muscles do.

In addition, fat takes up more space, so it seems to lift and it looks like mattress stuffing. Then, if the problem is there, how could it be solved by treatments acting outside the skin?



The fact is that cellulite is normal, because fat is normal in every body. The problem for women is that unfortunately their body naturally tend to store more body fat in the hips, thighs and buttocks, areas where the skin is thin and flexible, and this makes cellulite more noticeable.

The meeting with Jorge was a tipping point, I realized it was time to shape all the knowledge I had acquired and compiled in many years. To do this, I took the best from each of the two worlds in which I had lived (the training and the nutrition), and spend 100% of my time to create a system to remove cellulite fast, naturally, drug-free, safely and inexpensively, proven and scientifically tested.


Luckily for me, my work as a professional trainer has given me the opportunity to be in contact with hundreds of women who wanted to get rid of the embarrassing, unpleasant and recurring problem of cellulite. This allowed me to use and improve this system, and I can proudly say I have achieved an effectiveness of 100% with my customers!
With the simple program I designed, I have helped over 5,000 women regain the softness in their thighs and buttocks, and in only 60 days or less!

I tested my system in women of all ages, of all weights and of different economic possibilities, with different types of diets and different levels of physical activity, and it worked perfectly in all of them.

I am so happy with what I have achieved that I want as many women as possible to have access to this wonderful system, so they can solve their cellulite problems as soon as possible, because you should know, the longer you wait the harder it will be to eliminate your cellulite. And as you know, the situation of your cellulite gets worse over the years.

Now I would like to ask you...



Have sex with your partner, or with whoever you want, with the lights on, or in sunlight, anywhere, without any shame?

Wear little clothing, miniskirts, bikinis, tight pants or walk around your home without clothes? Imagine wearing all those clothes you have been saving all this time.

Go back to feeling sexy in front of your partner, to be able to seduce him and recover all that lost time or feel beautiful and observed by other men and regain your confidence and energy?



Without a doubt, the "No More Cellulite System™" guide is the most comprehensive and effective program you can find in the market.

It is designed as a simple method, in which you will be taken step by step through fun techniques that can be performed both by young people and those over 80!

I will teach you how to use everything I have learned over the years, in a combined system, explained step by step, that will make you eliminate your cellulite in a few weeks.


no more cellulite system



I cannot believe it! This book is miraculous!
10 days ago I bought “No More Cellulite System™” and I already began to see the results.

I feel much better and my legs have notoriously improved their aspect. If everything continues like this, I will not have trouble wearing my bikini this summer!

Thank you Mercedes!

Emily Miller (London, England)



I know you are tired of looking for solutions and getting disappointed time after time…

That is why I would like to make clear that this program is not an expensive product that will not solve your problem. This is a completely natural system, without side effects, 100% effective and with lasting results.

This is not a simple diet or a strong exercise plan. You will not have to suffer in order to get results with my system! If you follow my program you will eliminate the cause of your cellulite.

Something I discovered during my research is that "gym obsessed" women not only do not get better skin, they even make it worse!


A complete plan of attack to Cellulite.

One simple exercise plan that fights (only) cellulite with only a few minutes a day. These are NOT intense cardio exercises.

Toning problematic areas.

Small and simple adjustments in your diet, regulating your harmful hormones, stretching your skin, toning your muscles, rebuilding damaged tissue and increasing collagen production.

Control of hormonal problems affecting western countries which complicate the regularity of collagen fibers and fat.

Secret tricks to strengthen your legs and buttocks that won´t require any kind of exercise. This will surprise you!



I never believed the products offered in the Internet. I was desperate because I had been invited to Cancun and I realized I couldn´t wear a bikini! I needed a quick and effective solution.

That was how I got to the "No More Cellulite System™" site and it was the best thing that ever happened to me.

took place two months before my trip and that was more than enough time for me to achieve the results I was looking for and even more.

Today I am happy with my new look and with a new partner, who I met during my holidays in Mexico!

I recommend it to everybody who wants to look and feel good.

Danielle Brown (Boston, U.S.)




A Complete Guide, Step by Step, in a simple and understandable language, in which I will help you remove your cellulite in 60 days or less. An effective program that will take you only a few minutes a day.

Foods that you should remove from your diet, because even if you do not know it, they are causing your cellulite. This information is amazing...

Simple, rapid and clinically proven exercises especially designed to attack cellulite areas.

Foods that you should add to your daily diet.

The chemical changes that take place in your body and cause cellulite

6 natural products which are more effective than any anti-cellulite cream.

How to control your hormonal problems which are the main cause of your cellulite.

How some diets may be affecting your hormones and producing cellulite (you may be following these diets without realizing the damage you are doing to yourself).

The secrets to strengthen the skin while increasing the natural production of collagen.

Which products that are supposed to fight cellulite (world famous) but are a complete scam!

Real information with which you will get real results, leaving aside any myths...

And much, much more...


I designed my program in a very special way. All you have to do is follow my step by step system.  You don´t need to worry, it is very well detailed with simple language and easy to follow.

It is the fastest way to get the legs, buttocks and glutes you always dreamed of because it is a system focused on solving the problem of cellulite as soon as possible. My goal is that you remove your cellulite as fast as possible, and I do not care if you to lose weight while doing it.

The research and development I´ve been working for many years together with all the tests I did with my students, have led me to develop a program that will give you results in only 60 days or less. You will start noticing the improvements during the second week!


In 15 days you will start to notice physical changes as you start to feel more energetic and "clean" inside.

In 30 days your skin will begin to look and feel firmer and the dimples will noticeably improve!

60 days from now you will go out in miniskirts and shorts. You will walk around in a bikini and show everyone your beautiful legs and buttocks!


Can you imagine? 60 days from now, just think about how you look today and how you could look in only 60 days!



Mercedes, I wanted to show you my gratitude since your plan “No More Cellulite System™” has changed my life radically.

I tried thousands of creams and none of them ever worked. Your plan really works! After three weeks I can notice the changes and I am happy!

I do not feel embarrassed about my look anymore and my partner and I are enjoying my new body. Eternally grateful,

Leslie Gordon (Vancouver, Canada)



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Do you think that it could be a complicated program or that you don´t have enough time?

Well let me tell you that "No More Cellulite System™" is extremely easy to follow. The best part of it is that you can do it in your spare time, even if it is only for 10 or 20 minutes a day. My system was designed for modern women who works, takes care of their families, their home, school and have no time to lose.

My program is developed on the premise that all successful people apply “You don´t have to work hardly, you have to work smartly”

I do not want you to think that is a “miracle product". It is a system focused on eliminating cellulite in 60 days or less, that has been successfully tried and tested.

It is simple, fast, and guaranteed to work!



I never thought I would ever buy a product offered on the Internet. Actually, I discovered this site due to my desperation.

I could not find a solution to my problem of cellulite and after having tried almost everything I found the "No More Cellulite System™" treatment.

I started reading the book immediately and I decided to try the treatment for 15 days. If it didn´t work, it would just become another defeat in my fight against cellulite.

45 days went by since I started the treatment and I am really surprised with the results. My legs and my buttocks look 15 years younger! I feel sexier and more confident with my body than ever before.

I really recommend it!

Jessica Davis (Glasgow, Scotland)



Click Here To Download "No More Cellulite System™ | The Natural Cure" Now


Absolutely. My system has been effective in thousands of women so it will work for you as well. You don´t need to worry. You will get rid of your cellulite the same way all women who have used my system worldwide did.

This system will work on you, no matter the level of cellulite you have, your age or your physical status. You will just need to follow a few simple steps and practice my system a few minutes a day. As simple as that.

I'm not a supermodel who earns thousands of dollars for walking on the runway but I have a pair of legs and buttocks that any girl would envy. You can also have them 60 days from now if you download my ebook "No More Cellulite System™" TODAY!

Pay attention to this...

Following a diet or doing heavy exercise does not work. This program is different. With "No More Cellulite System™" you will learn the perfect system that will help you to eliminate that ugly cellulite forever. Littler changes in your diet along with some few quick exercises (only the right ones), and very little effort are the necessary combination that will make you succeed.


eliminar la celulitis


I know you are interested in improving your lifestyle and you know it can be a very smart decision to download this guide to start living a life without cellulite within 60 days or less.

There are women who are afraid of changing, even when these changes lead to a much more favorable situation.

Those women must listen to their hearts and picture themselves in the happier situation they could be in a very short time. This is something for women who really want to change their lives forever.

Your chance to do it is right here and there is no reason to live another day hiding your body.

Many women have been waiting their whole life for an opportunity like this. You are now looking at it. You have no more excuses. No more baggy pants, no more horrible long dresses, no more summers without pools, no more lights out, and no more hundreds or even thousands of dollars spent on treatments that do not work.

This program will take you less than twenty minutes every day. You will also need to make small changes in your habits and that will do to eliminate your cellulite forever.

Now I would like you to think about something...


If you had access to a proven system to eliminate cellulite that really works and has been created by an expert on the subject, how much would you pay for it?

Surely, like most women you must think that having beautiful legs and not needing to hide or feel embarrassed about them is among the things that are "priceless".

You probably did some research and know that a surgery to remove cellulite can cost you over $2,000. This is a lot of money and not many people have the possibility to spend it this way. We must also remember that long-term success is not assured and of course you are exposed to all the surgery complications that may occur.

Creams treatments (which do not solve the problem but hide it) can take at least seven months to do the trick. Using 2 creams per month at an estimated cost of $60 each, we are talking about $800 for a treatment that has temporary results. You must know that when you stop this cream treatments, the skin goes back to its original state.

The body wraps can cost more than $300 per session. They show good results (if they´re done in professional spas or beauty centers), but they also lose their as soon as you stop doing the treatment.

Given these prices...

How much would you pay for a definitive solution for your cellulite problems? I offer you a simple, natural, economic, effortless system, without drugs or side effects, 100% effective and that you can do it at home...

Would you pay $2,000 for it?

$1000?? Maybe $500?

Would you pay the small amount of $100?

Many people suggested me to put a high price on my guide considering the information it has. I did not spend the last years of my life developing a system to get rich. What I want for all women is what I looked for when I discovered my horrible cellulite.... and that is to stop suffering!

I know how hard it is to live with this problem and that´s why I want all women to be able to put aside their cellulite problems and begin a new life.

So today I want to offer my full program "No More Cellulite System™" with an original value of $97 at a minimum price of $37!


no more cellulite system


It is a ridiculous price given the incredible information you will find within the guide. This is less than a gym class or even less than what a meal costs at any restaurant. It is a minimum investment considering the results you will get in a really short time.

Unfortunately I cannot offer my guide at a lower price, since it is necessary for me to charge $37 for the years I have invested in my research, study and development of the system. There are also some costs for maintaining this website that have to be covered.

You won´t need to waste your valuable time having an interview with me, or wait for the slow postal service because you can get my guide with proven results immediately (even if it is 3AM). You can download it directly to your computer from a secret page where you will be directed to after going through the secure payment page. You just have to click on the "Download Now" button below.

I am offering this low price for a limited number of copies. Once I have sold 100 copies I will have to raise the price because of all the pressure I am getting from large corporations and the health industry. There are many people who do not want this information to be spread because this will make them lose a large amount of money.

I can still deliver 18 copies at this promotional price. After selling these copies, the sale price will no longer be available:




My name is Cristina and I am a model. I must keep my perfect silhouette due to my work.

After becoming a mother, I noticed that cellulite became a part of my buttocks and legs. That problem was affecting my career.

A friend of mine recommended me "No More Cellulite System™" and after 30 days my cellulite was completely gone!

This book has saved my life and my job! I am thankful I´ve found it.

Alice Wagner (New York, U.S.)




(Original Price: $97)

The Natural Cure for cellulite. This guide teaches you exactly how to get rid of cellulite on thighs, legs and buttocks once and for all. In less than eight weeks, you will have smoother and sexier buttocks, guaranteed! This is as easy as it sounds.

Forget diets and painful cardio. This is the quickest and easiest way to remove cellulite in the shortest time possible.

It is so easy to follow that anyone can do it! This is a step by step guide that will make you get the soft and toned thighs and buttocks you deserve.

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With the Training Program to Eliminate Cellulite you will learn exactly what to do and when to do it in order to fight cellulite.

With these specific training routines for cellulite, you will rapidly notice changes in your hips, buttocks and thighs. It is simple and it only takes a few minutes a day.

These are simple and proven exercises to eliminate cellulite in two months or less! All the specific exercises to combat cellulite forever are explained step by step.

Healthy Eating as a Way of Life

(Original Price: $27)

Finally achieve that healthy eating should, reach the proper nutrition to improve their lifestyle.

With this guide you will learn the importance of exercise and a balanced diet, which provides health diet effective, and how to achieve their goals in a timely manner. Quickly see favorable health outcomes.

Natural Secrets for a Completely Perfect Skin

(Original Price: $36)

This guide provides an anti-age plan with all the secrets to stop the passage of time and fight wrinkles.

You will also find a complete report on skin care which will teach you the different types of skin and how to take care of them.

All you wanted to know about skin care as well as other facial rejuvenation procedures are explained step by step.

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Subliminal Audio To Attract Tranquility

This is a subliminal programming audio to combat nervous states, altered states of consciousness, in order to reduce stress and create peace within you and a good quality of life.






tarjeta de membresia
With the purchase of "No More Cellulite System™" you will receive a membership card with free updates forever.

You will be part of a select group of people who already use my book and its benefits.
You will receive all the updates I make to "No More Cellulite System™" along with my book.

This includes new techniques to remove cellulite and the perfecting of the methods in the book, so you can continuously learn about the ultimate techniques to eliminate your cellulite. Receive ongoing updates for free!

I spent many years investigating and developing "No More Cellulite System™" but as years go by, I have been perfecting and adding new knowledge and discoveries due to the progress of medicine and my continuous improvement in the subject.

You can be part of the select group of people who already receive all the updates with the new technological advances to improve the appearance of your skin and eliminate your cellulite forever, absolutely for free!




I know how valuable time is and that is why I give you this possibility, so you do not waste it doing research! Let me do that work for you. I have been doing it for many years now and I consider it my passion. I will keep you updated on all the developments to eliminate cellulite and improve the appearance of your skin.

I attend constantly to congresses and conferences on how to improve the appearance of the skin, where I meet specialists and get trained on the latest techniques and advances in medicine. You can also enjoy all this in the updates!

You will get information about all the interviews, talks and debates to which I attend in order to learn and get better every day.



Hey Mercedes. I wanted you to read my story since “No More Cellulite System™” has saved my marriage. After 15 years of marriage, the "flame" was beginning to disappear as my body was not what it used to be.

My husband and I were going through a crisis when a friend suggested that in order to save my family I had to make a change in my body.

First I tried with intensive training but I couldn´t do it for a long time because I am too old for that and my body is tired.

I found your site doing some research on the internet and I must admit I never thought it could work.

I decided to give it a try and I must say I was not disappointed. It increased my self-esteem considerably. I began to feel more alive and more confident.

My husband also noticed that improvement in my mood while my body looked refreshed and rejuvenated.

We are having great times now and it is all thanks to you.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Sophie R. Taylor (Cardiff, Wales)



I really care a lot about you eliminating your cellulite and that is why I want to back up all the material that I offer you today in "No More Cellulite System™" with a Total Return Guarantee for 60 Days.


I am totally convinced that my guide "No More Cellulite System™" will help you to have beautiful legs and buttocks. I know that because I have spent the last seven years of my life trying to reach that goal and today I can happily say that I have accomplished it. But I still want you to have peace of mind and that is why I want to give a total guarantee of satisfaction. I will be the one taking all the risks... Now you have nothing to lose.

If you do not get a dramatic improvement in your cellulite after using my system then you just have to send me an email and I will give you a full refund of 100% of the money you have invested in the purchase of my guide.

Moreover, if for some other reason, either you do not like the way my guide is written or you just do not want it anymore, I also invite you to write me requesting your refund. I am so sure you will be pleased with the results as many thousands of women did that I can offer you this benefit.

I´d also like you to contact if there´s anything you´d like to know about my guide or my system. I´ll answer as soon as possible. I also invite you to write telling your success story!

You deserve "No More Cellulite System™" and start enjoying your body!






I want to tell all the women who have cellulite to stop looking for a solution. "No More Cellulite System™" is the only thing you need!

I have tried every single product available on the market to get rid of my hideous orange peel and nothing worked. Creams, diet, exercise, everything! I couldn´t afford to have a surgery, but that was a possibility I also considered.

I found the "No More Cellulite System™" site a month ago and since then I am doing everything the book says. The results speak for themselves. I´m no longer ashamed of my legs and I can wear all the clothes I want!

Thanks a lot to everyone involved in the creation of this book!

Grace Berry (Sydney, Australia)





You deserve the chance to be happy enjoying a beautiful body. You don´t need to waste another minute. What are you waiting for? Isn´t this the opportunity you´ve been looking for your whole life?

Order the "No More Cellulite System™" Guide now and say goodbye to that horrible cellulite once and for all.

It is time to let the fear of being observed with little clothing go and stop wasting your money on treatments that do not work. Just make a minimum investment in "No More Cellulite System™" to get the results you have been looking for so long and become a free woman.


For your happiness,

Cellulite Specialist and Personal Trainer.
Author of « No More Cellulite System™ | The Natural Cure »

Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about "No More Cellulite System™ |The Natural Cure". Write me an email at any time, and I, or someone on my team will respond as soon as possible!



PS: I recommend you to download your copy as soon as possible, orders are being processed rapidly.
This is a unique opportunity for you to access your copy of "No More Cellulite System™" at this promotional price. Be sure to get your copy today!

PSS: Are you not determined yet? Are you skeptical? I understand. You probably do not know me, and you are not sure if this is what you have been looking for. But I can assure you that you can eliminate your cellulite in 60 days, regardless of your age and how severe your current situation is. "No More Cellulite System™" will help you look good again.

If still in doubt, remember that you have access to our money back guarantee for 60 days and you can ask for a complete refund at any time. We will not ask any questions and we´ll let you keep my guide and all its bonuses!



For questions about the product, please contact us HERE.

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